Thursday, 12 January 2012

All in the Details

I recently picked up this gorgeous Vera Moda Peter Pan top while in The Bay. I work in a mall that has a Bay in it (for my southern neighbours...think Macy's) but always thought that it was such a dated, a tired place to shop. Sure you could buy high-end cosmetics, but clothes?
So I ventured into one of the fundamental fashion components of Canada, and what do you think I found?
That The Bay is incredible!
I actually had a dramatic gasp, hand to the heart, eyes widened with pure excitement type of reaction.
Everywhere I looked there was labels like Rachel Roy, Free People, BCBGeneration, Pink Tartan, you name it!
Seeing that I was on break from my job, and only having 15 minutes to spare I dove for the first thing that caught my eye. A bejewelled, sheer Peter Pan top. Pure, and honest bliss seeped through my pores.
When I tried it on, it was the perfect combination of class and forgive me for saying this..sass. Everything about it I just fell in love with!
The pearl and gem mixed collar had this particular beauty to it. See, I love myself a good pearl. Pearl earrings, necklaces and rings are a staple in my wardrobe. I am the first one to admit that out of leather and lace, I am immediately drawn to the femininity of lace rather than the hard edge of leather. I just love dainty and ladylike things! Smitten with the top, I bought it and ran back to my job with the biggest smile on my face.
Gotta love The Bay.


  1. Gorgeous collar in that top! A top well worth buying! xx

  2. this is so worth the money, the detailing is gorgeous!!!

  3. Gorgeous top, lovely detail! Must find something similar in the UK xx . Following you now x

  4. I love the Bay, they have added a lot of new brands lately!


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